Just Daddy?

Just Daddy? Why do girls need older men

Scientists from the University of Colorado have tried to decipher the phenomenon of the emergence of relationships between young girls and mature men – and found that such romances are not only about sex and money. To be convinced of this, they talked with 20-year-old girls who met successful people and talked about why today no one is embarrassed by “over 30”.

  • The offensive English phrase “sugar daddy” is often used to describe the relationship between a young girl and a grown man.
  • This type of relationship assumes that a woman depends on a man at least financially – it is also believed that a man raises his self-esteem by having an affair with a young pretty girl.
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    Maren Skull

    Researchers said this week that there are more aspects to daddies’ relationships with young women than the primitive exchange of money for sex. Maren Skull, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Colorado, Denver, said that the few scientists in the United States who have tried to find a scientific basis for this phenomenon “most often describe it as a form of prostitution.” Its analysis was carried out on the basis of 48 interviews with various respondents, and as a result it became obvious that such relationships can be very diverse and are often tied to various psychological and physical reasons.

    The idea that girls who have only recently become adults are actually trading sexual intercourse for goods and money, Skull called outdated.

    To test the researcher’s calculations, several scientists discussed relationships with a noticeable age gap with young girls for whom the wealth of an older partner was not a key factor. Women in the age group under 25 spoke about how they are attracted to relationships with men over 30 and about how mature men are better than their peers.

    Interests and examples

    The interest of one of the interlocutors “specifically to men” is practically sporting in nature. According to her, meeting people 10-15 years older than yourself is a special skill: it is easy to communicate with your peers, because you think the same way, but it is quite another thing – “to attract the attention of an older person who knows more than you, to interest him and support the level of communication is at its level.”

    In general, young women who have had experience of relationships with mature men and watched hot porn tubes agree that such an affair is a valuable and enjoyable life experience that helps to develop, on the one hand, and relieve oneself of responsibility for their lives, on the other.

    The girl emphasized that the feeling of security that the companion provided made it possible to understand that he was not going to assert himself at her expense, as it was in previous and subsequent relationships. However, complexes and unresolved psychological problems do not have an expiration date, so, probably, she was just lucky.


    Another girl, Jenny, admitted that such an experience became a new starting point for her. “You finally see how your relationship with men should be, and it’s not that eternal nightmare when both of you don’t understand what’s going on,” she said.

    She concluded by saying that this healthy relationship boosts self-esteem, which in turn allows her to move on with a completely different outlook on love and life in general.


    The story of the parents of 22-year-old Christine, who also had a big age difference with their lover, gives a slightly different perspective on the topic, although the girl herself considers the beginning of the relationship a little “mercantile”.

  • “My mother was 16, he was over 30. My mother told me that she came out from somewhere, and he was standing in a tracksuit next to a sports car, and it caught her attention.”
  • Today the girl is firmly convinced that her father performed a parental function for her mother:

  • “After 23 years and after 10 years of their life together, I can say that it was he who raised her.”
  • “The manner of communication, behavior, expression, attitude towards oneself and other people is absolutely identical, they call people names with almost the same words,” explained Christine and added that her mother still denies this.

    Today, many representatives of Gen Z are quite comfortable choosing people who are at least 10 years older, and here we can argue that most of them grew up with parents who survived a divorce – and they lack a father figure. But one fact is indisputable – when the door is opened for you, not because you cannot do it yourself, but solely out of habit, it is easy to get used to it, like to any good things. From all of the above, it follows that if a girl is not embarrassed by a small amount of gray hair, then the position of young competitors, whose emotional solvency and financial capabilities can be called into question, is, to put it mildly, unenviable.

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