Best Sex Positions that Utilize Sex Toys

Making love to your partner and giving her the best orgasm of her life can be easier if you incorporate sex toys in your bedroom. Now, many of you might see pornstars in the industry using sex toys in many of the videos on porn sites and think, these toys are your substitute.
Well, that is a wrong impression and something that you have to get rid of in your mind. Sex toys cannot replace men and women. And, you know that the porn industry has a habit of exaggerating things a bit too much. Therefore, you can safely use sex toys and you won’t get replaced by your partner.

Thus, you can easily use sex toys in your bedroom to spice things up in your sex life with your partner. You and your partner will end up having a monotonous sex life if you keep doing things the same way every night. After a certain time, one of you will not have the drive to have sex anymore.

That is why sex toys can play a key role in reviving your sex life and making it great again. If you watch skinny XXX pics where girls play with sex toys, you will notice that those skinny naked girls are having the time of their life with these sex toys. And, your partner can have the same.

Now, you would be wondering what are the best sex positions you can implement even while using sex toys with your partner. Well, there are some amazing sex positions that can help you give your partner the best orgasm of her life. So, here are some of those sex positions that you and your partner can make use of while using sex toys in your bedroom.

The Modified Doggy Style or Doggy Treat

As you can clearly guess by the name of the sex position, this is a modified version of the classic doggy position that most skinny nude women enjoy. This position truly helps the man penetrate deep from the back and give his partner the sexual ecstasy she wants.

Now, when it comes to the Doggy Treat, you will have to use one of your hands to use the sex toy to your partner’s genitals. Also, your partner can use the toy on her while getting penetrated by you. All in all, this sex position with sex toys can give both of your immense pleasure.

best sex positions

Sitting Position: Get the Best Pleasure Seat

You have had sex before and you made your partner sit on your lap while you were sitting on a chair. And, while she was sitting on your lap, you were penetrating her from beneath. Well, that sex position is very erotic and sensual. It gives your partner a sense of intimacy with you.

But, you can take this sex position to a whole new level. While you penetrate her while sitting on the chair or couch, use a sex toy in her genitals. Or else, you can tell her to use the sex toy. In this way, you will be able to enjoy more and the pleasure for your partner will be immense.

best sex positions

The Spooning Treat with a Little Bit of Spice

You have enjoyed spooning with your partner. In this sex position, your partner will be penetrating you from one side of the bed and you will have your back facing your partner. This is a very romantic sex position that helps you and your partner get close emotionally and physically.

However, you can also spice things up with such a romantic sex position. You just have to do one thing and that is, use one of your hands to use the sex toy on your partner. Or, give the sex toy to your partner and let her use it while you use your other hand to caress her body to make things spicier.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have seen how skinny nude girls use sex toys in many pictures and videos. But, you have to understand that you can elevate your sex life by using sex toys as well. Thus, open up your mind and start using sex toys in your bedroom and you will open yourself up to newer sexual experiences.

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