Reasons Why People Cheat and Start Affairs

Why do people cheat? Why so many married couples simply exist after cheating, but they don’t dare to break up? It is clear that a lover or mistress rarely appears from nowhere: in a family, probably, a conflict has already taken place for a long time, which could be solved and prevent adultery, but… it happened. And when you begin to figure everything out, there is quite an adequate question arises: “Why did this happen? Why with me?” Indeed, why do men and women cheat? Here are the answers from marrybrides.com.

why people cheat

1. Loss of feelings

77% of respondents admitted that they cheated because of lack of love and, interestingly, they noted that they ceased to feel love from their partners, and not vice versa.

2. Desire to feel danger

There is an opinion that men, who have an affair, like to feel a sense of danger; the opportunity to be caught excites them. Most likely, such people subconsciously want to be exposed to take advantage of the opportunity to end relationships that are burdensome to them, but they don’t dare to put an end to them. That is why many men cheat.

3. Lack of affection for a partner

41% of respondents said that they cheated because they didn’t feel strong emotional attachment to partners. And this was one of the defining factors of cheating.

4. Situational factors

This includes the situation with alcohol, where a person uses the phrase “I was drunk”. 70% of respondents admitted that they cheated precisely because of alcohol. However, there are many other similar reasons.

5. Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem played a big role here. More than half of the respondents (57%) called their “little popularity” and something like that as the reasons for cheating. That is why men and women cheat each other.

6. Jealousy

People so often suspect their honest and faithful partners that, at some point, these partners begin to search for lovers with a calm nervous system. The reasons for cheating of people in this situation are clear: they are not obliged to constantly reflect the negativity of their partners.

7. Attempt to say about dissatisfaction

Unfortunately, in couples, problems in sexual life are often hushed up. People can decide and discuss everything together – what to cook for dinner, why a neighbor didn’t say “Hello”, when and where to go on the weekends, but they can’t discuss what they don’t like in bed. And then they cheat each other because of dissatisfaction in bed. In such cases, there are no feelings in relation to a lover (mistress), only a desire to get sexual pleasure.

8. Lack of communication

It’s sad, but many couples almost don’t speak to each other. Ask any prostitute: many clients want to talk after sex, even more than they want sex itself (and some prostitutes will tell you that speaking and listening is much more difficult work than having sex).

9. Everyday routine

When people feel bogged down in a routine, when they don’t feel joy or delight, when the future looks just like a sad present, an affair can become an escape from the disgusted everyday life. Of course, this can’t be fixed – your problems will remain the same, but you will forget about all this within an hour or two.

10. Feeling of love

It is possible to feel loved and not feel attractive or desirable – this happens to most couples that live together. And although they appreciate closeness, respect and love, many people are eager to feel desired. For some of them, an affair is exactly the opportunity to feel it. Sex with a lover or mistress may not be special or even frequent at all. It doesn’t replace love or a sense of security, but some people are capable of almost anything to feel that they are desired.

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