3 Shocking Reasons Why You Never Had a Girlfriend

If you don’t have a personal life, then something is going wrong with your life. “I’ve never had a girlfriend” – this phrase is said by many men. The fact is that a man makes one of three mistakes that lead to loneliness. You can blame all the women for lack of taste, thirst for money and many other sins. But to be honest, you can see that some men have many girls, not paying attention to such trifles. But what prevents you from finding a girlfriend? Here are 3 reasons from https://meetwife.com.

never had a girlfriend

1. Low sexuality of a man

The fact is that women don’t want to be with those men who don’t turn them on and don’t excite them. All men like well-groomed girls, but men themselves sometimes forget to look attractive, neat, athletic, and sexy. Some men rarely take a shower and have an unpleasant smell. These are the obvious signs a guy has never had a girlfriend. Old, dirty clothes, slumped shoulders, excessive leanness, excess weight, lack of muscle also don’t add attractiveness. A gym for a man is like a cosmetics store and a fitness club for girls. In 95% of cases, a man, who doesn’t engage in sports, can’t impress girls with his appearance. A man should critically look at himself in the mirror or ask familiar girls to evaluate him. Women immediately see all the flaws.

2. Weak character

We mean men who don’t have goals, plans, and dreams; men that have already reconciled with the course of life and are floating with the flow; men, whose interests are limited by absorbing beer and watching TV. They don’t particularly inspire girls. Also, the reason that man doesn’t have a girl can lie in low self-esteem and self-doubt. Such men believe that there are young people who are much better than they and are more worthy of ladies they like. A similar situation can arise if a man is inclined to think that his small earnings may spurn a girl. Weak-looking men don’t arouse women’s interest. Women are attracted to men that allow them to be weak. They are attracted by the strength of men and strong character. All other men are not worthy of love and sex.
Men that never had a girlfriend usually didn’t think that the reason can simply hide in incorrect behavior or bad manners. If a man behaves too impressively and rude with girls, doesn’t know the basic rules of etiquette or simply doesn’t take care of himself, then it is unlikely that he can find a worthy partner of life. In this case, the only way for him to find his soulmate is to understand the need for cardinal changes in behavior. After all, no girl will not want to date a man with whom she can be ashamed in society (except perhaps those women who themselves behave so).

3. Wrong girls

Many men will never learn to choose good girls. They begin to date with those who are not worth them. Men are too turned on beauty and sexuality. They peck at stupid, vulgar, and shoddy women, who were picked up in a club or other places.
Also, many couples break up because of cheating. After experiencing disappointments and resentments, there is a phobia to close relationships often appears in men. Cheating of a loved girl discourages the desire to get acquainted for a long time. As a result, many deceived men, who are mentally hurt because of the infidelity of their girlfriends, begin to see a cheater in every girl they meet. And even over time, they can’t begin to build a normal relationship, constantly suspecting everyone and giving wrong advice to those who never had a girlfriend at 30. Men should use their brains and choose good girls. Pay attention to those girls whom you considered ordinary. The most important thing is that someone pleases you, loves, and warms your body during cold nights.

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