A side chick – Why guys need them

While it isn’t unusual for some men to have a side chick, it’s still generally being frowned upon by society yet they still do it anyway. So why exactly do guys still cheat on their partners despite being in stable and committed relationships? Let’s find out.

side chick

1. Less drama, more wild sex

For some guys, being in a no commitment, no strings attached, fuck-like-bunnies relationship with a woman who’s not their wife or girlfriend is pretty rad. They have to be extra careful though. Not because they might get caught, but because there’s a chance they could fall in love with their side chick, which will further complicate things.

2. To spice things up a bit

Let’s face it. No matter how much a couple love each other, some relationships and marriages can sometimes get stale and boring after a while. Having sex wouldn’t be as frequent or as fun compared to when they were newlyweds. This is why some guys either go online to watch porn and masturbate to other guys’ hot naked wives or go on a dating site to have an affair. Some couples have claimed that infidelity has actually strengthened their relationship and brought them closer together, so who knows?

3. For the thrill and excitement

A MSNBC/Elle Magazine survey from 2006 found that 30% of men cheat because they love the thrill and excitement of doing it. Apparently, these dudes would make great secret agents because they get a kick out of living a double life hiding their infidelity from their significant other.

4. To boost their ego

More often than not, a guy would get a side chick to boost his ego. There would come a point in time during a long-term relationship that a man would feel insecure about himself. They have doubts about their ability to attract the opposite sex. They want to know if they “still have it”, so they resort to having an affair with another woman.

So there you have it. When you decide to get a side chick of your own one day, just remember that actions have consequences. Happy cheating!

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